Luxury Residence


Introducing a modern way of living, a community that gives value to both the contemporary and green spaces, creating a bond between the inner modern & communal green structures as well as the outter nature and city life.

About the project

The Altana Luxury Residence is identified by its contemporary architectural features as its pure, simplistic shape enriched by the tilted planes and holes. The usage of volumes create a suggestive shadow play, enhanced by the red Persian marble. The 10 floor residence consists of 3 levels of underground parking, a mixed use entrance level (commercial area and reception) and 9 levels of luxury apartments.

The Altana Luxury Residence is strategically located on Rruga Liman Kaba, and it is part of the general urban renewal plan for the capital of Tirana. Well connected to the new high way and both the inner and outer city, you will find the Artificial Lake of Tirana just a short walk away. Perfectly situated to combine the eclectic city and the calming nature.
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